How to pair green tea with cheese

Talk of terroir and tannins usually has cheese connoisseurs thinking about wine to drink with their chosen wheel, but green tea also has unique pairing properties.

It was a fresh sencha and Japanese-style cheesecake that first alerted me to the possibility of pairing green tea with cheese. Something about the grassy, marine notes of the green tea worked with the rich but fluffy dairy dessert. On my palate they combined to trigger thoughts of cows peacefully grazing in meadows…

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sencha Japanese cheesecake

Green tea is not the first beverage you might consider to accompany your cheese platter but your cuppa can really make for a surprisingly nice dairy pairing.

Wine and cheese is a staple offering at a dinner party, either as an appetiser to keep guests’ palates occupied before the main event, or at the end of an evening to bring the meal to a close—but did you know you can offer green tea as an accompaniment instead of wine?

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