Gentleman T tshirt

I’m not a fan of ‘The A-Team’. This is not some euphemistic way of saying I hate the show, it’s an admission that I’ve never actually seen an episode of it, so haven’t a sample size to form an opinion. Mr T, actor and former wrestler, transcends the TV series that made him famous, however, with his iconic look—especially when it comes to punny teashirts.

There are heaps of Mr T teashirt designs around, but most—bizarrely—use Mr T’s head as a teapot or teacup, a tea caddy or teabag. I chose this Threadless one, called Gentleman T by Sean Anton, because it was funnier to see him ‘English gentleman’ style, drinking tea. I also appreciated that the artist dropped the ‘Mr’ for ‘Gentleman’ when naming the design.

Gentleman T by Sean Anton

‘Gentleman T’ by Sean Anton

A.Tea or A-Team?

A.Tea or A-Team?

I don’t wear this very often, largely because Threadless has changed its garment supplier and the material of its tshirts is now really thin, which is particularly bad for white tshirts like this one, though I may wear it over a long-sleeved layer when the weather gets colder.

I also feel like a bit of a fraud not actually being a fan of Mr T or ‘The A-Team’ (as well as tea) but I justify keeping it by thinking “A-Team is almost like saying A.Tea”. Do you have a name perfect for tea puns?