A hot cup of tea with Russell Hobbs

Every year or so a few friends and I head up to Woy Woy to go op shopping. It’s an excursion we’ve come to know as Woy Woy Joy Joy.

‘Why Woy Woy?’ I hear you ask. It’s largely because of the high concentration of very large op shops in that area that are cheaper than the ones in Sydney (admittedly the prices have risen in recent years, but they’re still cheaper) but also an excuse for a short road trip that won’t cost a lot of money.

Russell Hobbs mug warmer

Russell Hobbs mug warmer (Image from Cash Converters)

During our last trip in January this year I managed to find a Russell Hobbs mug warmer at the Salvos for $3. The box was a little battered but the item itself was unused and in mint condition. Despite the sweltering summer heat, I recognised that this item would be a valuable addition to my tea paraphernalia come winter. Now it is winter, I can tell you I was right (but you knew that already, yes?).

When plugged in and switched on the warming plate works by weight (you have to have something on it) to prevent it from overheating if you accidentally leave it on without a cup. It is surprisingly hot for such a small unit; I’d say it keeps a small pot of tea at/above 60ºC for a good half-hour before the temperature drops off.

Unfortunately it is hard to procure now. The Russell Hobbs website doesn’t even have a description of it as I suspect the brand has finished the line and stopped its supply to retailers, so the only way to get one seems to be via second hand sellers, which is a shame because it’s a good little unit and a great gift for tea lovers.

How do you keep your tea hot? Do you use a cup warmer, cosy or a hotplate?

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  1. Hi there! I just came across this post of yours – I have one of these mug warmers for sale (still new in the box) if any of the above commenters or yourself are still interested? It has only been used once just now to test if it works and it does! Also happy to post at buyers expense, feel free to email me at lianab80@hotmail.com

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